‘The Beginning’

The recording was released by B1 Studio – Norbert Blacha, recorded at the Academic Chaplaincy Center in Rybnik, June 2006.

“’The Beginning’ was difficult, as all beginnings usually are, but thanks to perseverance and determination in 2006 we managed to release our first album. Its title is meaningful. The album contains a cross-section of the repertoire that had been performed by ‘DAR’ since – nomen omen – the beginning of its existence. Thus, you can find there old and contemporary sacred music, traditional songs – both serious, performed during the church ceremonies and those more frivolous – and even a few gospel songs.”

‘Religioso e poetico’

The album was recorded in cooperation with the Polish Radio Katowice. The recordings were made in the Church of the Holy Spirit in Wodzislaw Slaski, February and March 2009.

Honorary Patronage: Upper Silesian Metropolitan, Archbishop Damian Zimon.

“The album, which happily give into your hands, is triple signed. First, it is a composer autograph made by Jack Glenc – the creator of all the tracks that make up this album. Presented compositions due to specific consonance, establish a unique dialogue with each other, both stylistic and emotional, but remain separate and distinct beings.

Joanna Glenc, the conductor, made a ‘handwritten’ signature on every piece of music. Without her we cannot imagine our future existence, she constantly expands the boundaries and fights against the imperfections in every single detail.

The possibility of being performers we deem as a special honor and a gift. Therefore with sincere joy we added our signature – sensitivity and sense of music. We hope that you will enjoy listening and experience what we all long for– harmony and authentic beauty. “


The album was completed in cooperation with Studio B1 Gliwice. All the recordings were made in the Church of St. Anne in Swierklany, Rybnik. May and June 2014


Producer: The Society of Friends of the Karol and Antoni Szafranek Public Music School, I and II degree from Rybnik.