Who are we?

Ordinary people who have homes, an interesting study or work, family – but what distinguishes us from others is that we are great enthusiasts of choral music, and we made a sacrifice of our passion, talents and time on the altar of Art.

Our history began in 2002, when due to the efforts of Fr. Michał Anderko and Joanna Glenc, the Academic Chaplaincy Choir “DAR” was founded. No one expected it would be easy, we had to put a lot of hard work and time into what we were doing, to worthily present first pieces of repertoire. At that time the choir consisted of over a dozen mixed voices drawn from students and staff of Silesian University in Rybnik. It’s been successfully led and conducted by prof. Joanna Glenc ever since then.

Encouraging results came very quickly with victories and high positions achieved at local and national contests as well as performances abroad with positive reviews and many voices of praise. But still we are our strictest judges, constantly striving to achieve performance excellence, improve our singing skills and to explore new musical areas.

We consider it a great privilege to be appreciated by the great Silesian composer Jacek Glenc, who entrusted us with the premiere performance of many of his works. We’ve been proudly singing these pieces of music filled with the original Silesian spirit and folk nostalgia which are a significant part of our repertoire.

The choir has recorded three CDs so far. The first “Początek” (‘The Beginning’) was released by Robert Blacha and B1 Studio in 2006. The second “Religioso e poetico”, to our immense satisfaction, was released in cooperation with the Polish Radio Katowice in 2009. The third CD made once again by B1 Studio from Gliwice, called “Adoratio”, is our last but not least. Though, we hope this isn’t over yet and there’ll be many more challenges on the Autograph’s recording path.

The time of significant changes came in 2012 with the decision of leaving the previous venue in the Academic Chaplaincy and consequently renaming the choir. Today we are Rybnicki Chamber Choir “Autograph” and we can solemnly promise the world will hear about us.